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Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

Join us for two jam-packed days of hands-on skills in edible mushroom propagation. Learn how to grow delicious oyster, shiitake and many other mushrooms at home, organically! This practical workshop will take you through the details of home mushroom propagation and introduce you to the fascinating world of fungi. You'll also receive a host of take-home mushroom resources to get you growing.

Date Course Title Location Course type
Dec 6 2014 - Dec 7 2014 Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation: Dec 2014: Sydney Sydney Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation
Mar 7 2015 - Mar 8 2015 Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation: Mar 2015: Sydney Sydney Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation
Jun 6 2015 - Jun 7 2015 Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation: Jun 2015: Sydney Sydney Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation

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