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Holistic Management
Holistic Management
Nov 1 2011 - Nov 3 2011 
Milkwood Farm (3) - Mudgee
Holistic Management


Join Kirk Gadzia, a world-leading practitioner in regenerative grazing techniques, for a three-day intensive introduction to Holistic Management grazing at Milkwood Farm.

This three-day course is designed to introduce farmers, agronomists and would-be graziers to the principles of regenerative grazing.

Learn how holistically managed herds of cows or sheep can be used as biological accelerators to build topsoil and pasture diversity while producing a profitable, sustainable on-farm income of pastured meat.

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This course will enable you to create an effective grazing plan for your farm, utilising the proven techniques that regenerative grazing offers. Learn how to take the theory of Holistic Management and put it into action in this hands-on course.

In this workshop Kirk will introduce students to a range of principles, techniques and examples in how to apply regenerative grazing to a wide range of climates and topographies, resulting in a profitable, regenerative farm.

Kirk will step you through how to create an effective and realistic grazing plan tailored to your needs that works to regenerate your farm, your resources, and your herd.

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This workshop will cover:

  • Holistic Management theory
  • How to break the worm cycle in herbivores
  • How to use herbivores to regenerate land
  • How to create resilient, diverse pastures
  • How to transition from conventional grazing to Holistic Management
  • How grazing plans can be adapted to available resources
  • An introduction to Holistic Goal Setting, to get your grazing plan right for you.

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During the course you will:
  • Participate in actively designing a grazing plan for the property where the course is held
  • Learn each and every aspect of designing an effective and realistic grazing plan
  • Gather the skills and knowledge you need to design your own grazing plan

Benefits of Holistic Management include improving soil health and biodiversity of rangelands and pastures, increasing grazing capacity, optimally using rainfall and conserving water, growing healthier crops and achieving higher yields.


  >> For more info and to book into this workshop, head to the RegenAG website.

About FarmReady funding:

This course is currently pending approval from FarmReady. When approved, eligible primary producers and their families will be able to access a full subsidy to attend this course. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when this course becomes FarmReady approved. For more info about FarmReady funding in 2011/2012, please see our FarmReady page.

RegenAG is a global alliance of farming families who are committed to helping regenerate the world's farms, soils, communities and on-farm livelihoods. Milkwood Permaculture is proud to be RegenAG's NSW co-ordinator and course provider.


Milkwood Farm (3)
Milkwood Farm (3)
1466 Campbells Creek Road
Country: au


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Milkwood is a small organic family farm near Mudgee in Central Western NSW. A Permaculture Demonstration Farm currently under development, Milkwood features extensive permaculture earthworks and water-harvesting features, our amazing passive-solar cottage, food-forests in the making, seedball production and many other examples of sustainable and regenerative best-practice for farming and living.

Our courses are held in our family's woolshed with beautiful views of Campbells Creek Valley and our organic farm cooking is such that students often joke about moving in permanently.

Getting here

Mudgee is an easy 4 hours by car or 40 minutes by air from Sydney, and is serviced by Countrylink Rail and Mudgee Airport. See our Getting to Milkwood page for a map and full details on getting here by plane, train or automobile.


- Stay at Bushlands Holiday Park in Windeyer, 15 minutes up the road. Bushlands has a range of cabin and camping options, and the Windeyer Pub, located right next door, does counter meals some nights of the week.

- BaMack Homestead B&B is 20 minutes up the road from Milkwood Farm. They have special rates for Milkwood students, so mention us when you book: 02 6373 8312.

- Stay further afield in Mudgee, which has a range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Mudgee Tourism Website.

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Reading List

Prior to attending your course, you might like to take a look at our ever-expanding reading list,a bunch of recommended and practical texts on Permaculture, sustainable agriculture and community resilience.

None of these texts are pre-requisite for our courses, we just like to be able to provide suggestions on background reading, in case you're champing at the bit to get going.

"Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless labour; & of looking at plants & animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single-product system."
Bill Mollison
co-founder of permaculture
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