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The creek flatMilkwood Farm is a 20-acre (8 hectare) Permaculture demonstration site, nestled in the hills above Mudgee on the ridge line of the Great Dividing Range in the central west of NSW.

Established in 2007, this property is very much a work in progress, with passive-solar straw-bale buildings, Permaculture + Keyline earthworks, food forest plantings and animal systems being actively established on an ongoing basis.

The property consists of a long North-East facing hillside, a ridge and a North-facing alluvial creek flat, all bordered by beautiful Campbells Creek. The climate here is temperate Mediterranean, with average rainfall of 600mm a year.  Temperatures are cooler than the surrounding area due to our higher altitude (750m / 2500ft) but it can get up to 38°C (100°F) in summer and get down to -12°C (10°F) on an early winters morning. It even snows occasionally.

With the help of extensive water harvesting earthworks, tree-crops plantings, food forests, animal systems and good design, Milkwood is being transformed from a pocket of clapped-out, dried up sheep country into an example of how Permaculture principles can be applied to produce a productive, fecund, resilient and beautiful small-holding with plenty of water and biodiversity, and dripping with good food, all year round.

Milkwood Farm is a working farm and education centre and as such is only open to the public on open days or by appointment. The property is also quite isolated being an hours drive from the Mudgee so please contact us before visiting or you may waste quite a bit of your time.

We are always glad to have an extra pair of helping hands. If you are interested in learning about permaculture by actively helping to establish a permaculture demonstration farm take a look at our Internships / WWOOFing page for more information.


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